For the spread of the idea of dogs` welfare
We aim to contribute to the kennel culture in Lithuania
For the purification of the breed and quality assurance
For the promotion of the breed

About the Breeder

veisejo foto

My dream to have a German Shepherd puppy came true as soon as I reached adolescence. I named my new friend Aidas. Having an opportunity to observe service dogs trained by police dog trainers and even to take the advantage of using their special clothing and means for training, I made attempts to train Aidas as best as I could manage at the time. There have been ups and downs, I must admit…

However, my childhood dreams have now materialised in a way allowing me to use all my enthusiasm, all my powers and abilities to ensure that German Shepherds will become my friends and friends of people surrounding me and that Germans Shepherds raised and bred by me will not only be the source of pride for me but also the contribution of all of us, who dedicate a significant part of our lives to our four-legged friends, to the promotion of this breed and its recognition both in Lithuania and abroad.

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